Welcome to Deaf Law, which aims to make the law work for D/deaf people by providing a first-port-of-call information resource on a wide range of legal issues in BSL and user-friendly English.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, particularly within the Deaf community and the interpreting profession, that Deaf people’s access to legal advice services in the UK in rather dire.

Coupled with this lack of access to legal advice services, there is a common gap in knowledge which prevents Deaf people from benefitting from legal advice when they are able to get it.

That’s where Deaf Law comes in. Given that D/deaf people do not have full access to legal advice, it is hoped that Deaf Law at the very least provides some general guidance on what the law says in a language that they will understand.

Please bear with us while we create and upload content to this website and translate into BSL. It is expected that this website will be an ongoing project and it will only be as good as the volunteers who contribute their time and effort to ensure that the information provided is of good quality.